The perfect pack for people who have debug setup on there xbox
if your using xig, give this a try :P

Instalation Instructions ***XCK***

XCK will allow you to take photo's and video of your xbox 
aswell as establish a connection through debug which you
may use to ftp to your system on the fly (while playing)

please use XDI to setup the required debug files on your pc
and remember th edebug I.P you establish
 so that XCK can connect to your xbox

* Launch the XCK setup to install the appropriate files onto 
  your pc 

* After installation leave launch enabled to start up the xbsetup

* Start xbox neighbourhood from desktop and when asked for the xbox
  ip enter the DEBUG IP that you selected when setting up XDI

* you should now see your xbox name under the xbox icon and you 
  can double-click to connect to your xbox using the debug ip
  So you can ftp on the fly (while playing games etc)
  you can also right-click and enter properties to take a screenshot
  which will save directly to your "my pictures" folder
  and you can also now use the xbmovie tool to capture video, 


It has been tested and you can do numerous things such as add/edit 
save game profiles while playing, aswell as ftp programs to your
 xbox while in game
All this was done using xbox neighbourhood.

I accept no responsibility for any damage caused if you change the wrong files etc