xboxdumper v0.13
(c) 2001 Andrew de Quincey
**UPDATE**: oz_paulb modified code to deal with Xbox360 images.
**UPDATE**: pedrospad ported to windows. 01/05/2006

See "XBOX360" define in the Makefile.

Still a work in progress.

This program allows files on an xbox hard disk to be dumped out.

Two basic commands are supported:

xboxdumper list <partition number> <xbox image filename>

This will dump the directory tree of the specified partition.

(e.g. "./ list 1 xboximage.bin" )

xboxdumper dump <xbox filename> <output filename> <partition number> <image filename>

This will dump the file <xbox filename> into the file <output filename> 
from the specified partition number. The full directory path to the file 
using / or \ should be supplied.

(e.g. "./ dump /voice.afs voice.afs 1 xboximage.bin" )

<partition number> may be between 0 and 4 inclusively. Partition 0 is not 
confirmed yet.

I will not supply images of the xbox hard disk, so please don't bother