-26th may 2003-

XisoManager V 1.3.1 
Bugs fixed:

* Extract file bug was fixed, although it called that way, it was not realy a abug, rather a small mistake of mine, in witch i forgot to direct the program to the exact sector of the file. 

thnx to Fused for reporting that one.


* Some checking rutines added, to check if the user by mistake tries to open standard ISO 9660 rather then XSIO, or if the file not ISO at all.
keeping the user from having a mistake and trying to burn NON XISO file, and by this way loose media.

XisoManager V 1.3.0 
Bugs fixed:

* Thought i solved the __int32 bug for good, but after i released yesterday release, i found another one in Building rutines also. (sorry for that, that what happens when you work late at night).

* Some execption taken care of.


* Auto patching was added, by checking the "Media flag patch" the program will auto patch the default.xbe file before building the ISO file.

i hope i've finished with that , so i can spend my spare time on the real thing :)

XisoManager V 1.2.2 
Bugs fixed:

* __int32 bug was fixed, cosing problems ("Out of memory") while trying to extract files bigger then 2^32.

XisoManager V 1.2.1 
Bugs fixed:

* Entry size bug was fixed. 
* File Attribute bag was fixex, cosing the program to skip extraction of unattributed files. (cosed only when an Unresponsible Xiso building program didn't attribute a file to 0x20). 

XisoManager V 1.2:

* XISO Building fanctionality added.

* Redesigned the Dialog , and TABS was added , so the switching between Builging/Extracting is very simple, just clicking the desired TAB.

Bugs fixed:

* Some minor BAGS were fixed.


email: xcaliber@xtreemwarez.com