Xmac Beta 0.1

Xmac is an xbox port of minivmac, a mac plus emulator.
The screen, keyboard and disk drive are emulated.
The keyboard is emulated using a virtual keyboard.

In order to use Xmac, you'll need the mac plus rom: put it in the same place as the default.xbe and name it: vmac.rom.

Some instructions:

Press START to go to the menu (disk drive, keyboard and reset)
The joystick of the xbox controller move the position of the mouse.
The X button simulate a mouse press.

To Do:
- Add sound emulation.
- Improve the keyboard emulation.
- Compiling using release settings (smaller .xbe and more compatible)

Chips (c) 2005
On my webpage you'll find my other xbox projects: a thomson to7 emulator, a xecuter logo bios changer and the source code for the emulators.

See you on xbox 360 :)