Xthom Beta 0.2 readme

Xthom is an xbox port of Thom, a thomson to7-70 emulator by Sylvain Huet and eric Botcazou.
The thomson to7-70, joystick, lightpen, k7 reader and sound are emulated.
thomson keyboard s emulated using a virtual keyboard.

Some instructions:

Press START to go to the menu (k7 selection, reset)
The position of the lightpen is shown as a point on the screen.
The joystick of the xbox controller move the position of the lightpen.
The X button simulate a lightpen press.
The direction pad simulate the thomson joystick in fullscreen mode or navigate in the virtual keyboard when in virtual keyboard mode.
The A button simulate the joystick button in fullscreen or the keyboard press in virtual keyboard mode.
The B button switch between fullscreen mode and virtual keyboard mode.

To execute the emulator you will need the following files:
Xthom.xbe, to770.rom, clavier.bmp, Basic.m7 and if you want to play some games .k7 files wich must be put into k7 directory

To quickly launch a game: start the emulator, move the lightpen (a point on the screen) into the 2nd square and press X, game will be load :) 

To Do:
- Improve Border color accuracy.
- Correct the keyboard mapping
- disk support
- cartridge support (it should work, try to put a cardtridge file instead of basic.m7)
- clean the code

Games tested ok:
Green Beret

Chips (c) 2005