Gentoox Home v2.0

0.0 - Preamble
      0.1 - Whats new?
1.0 - Installation
      1.1 - Necessary Configuration (HIGHLY IMPORTANT)
      1.2 - Extra tweakables
2.0 - Help, I'm still stuck!
3.0 - Plans for the future
4.0 - Thanks


0.0 - Preamble

Gentoox is a highly optimised and highly refined Linux distribution for the Xbox which 
receives regular updates.  It works on all Xbox version.

Your Gentoox system comes with two predefined users, their details are as follows:

User: root
Pass: xbox

User: gentoox
Pass: xbox

The 'root' user is known as a superuser and has control over everything and everyone's
actions!  For this reason is it very important that you change your passwords as soon as 
you log in!.  To do this, open a konsole/console (konsole can be found on the KDE start menu
under the "System" submenu) and type:

	su -
	[enter root password when asked]
	passwd user_name

The "su -" command instructs linux to (s)witch(u)sers to root and use its system environment

Once again, I refuse to accept responsibility for anything bad that may come of using this
software.  While I try my absolute best to ensure that this software is stable and fit for 
use, I make absolutely no guarantees that it is.  Use totally at your own risk.  This 
software contains no hacked code or code built with the Microsoft Xbox SDK (XDK).

0.1 - Whats new?

The following is a list of features which are included with Gentoox Home v2.0:

+ raincoat
+ xvkbd Patch (On-screen keyboard)
+ gpm Patch
+ xbv Patch
+ Xfree
+ ip Patch
+ fstab Patch
+ Mplayer
+ Gaim
+ Xchat
+ irssi
+ samba
+ Mozilla
+ Preinstalled magic system (Gentoox specific patches)
+ 3gb rootfs
+ 640x480 support
+ 800x600 support
+ newfs support
+ fatx support
+ f-drive and e-drive booting support
+ Up-to-date software library (as of 24/05/2003)
+ Peeper (Xfree magnification)
+ Xpad support (Mouse emulation)
+ ALSA (5.1 optical) support

And more...

I've decided to regionalise the system to UK (Since thats where its made!).  You can change
these settings in the KDE Control center.


1.0 - Installation

Nothing has changed for installation:

  Method 1) - No network (Boot EvoX)
    a) Unpack the WHOLE archive to a single directory on your computer
    b) Burn the files to a DVD (whichever media works for you - wont fit on a CD though)
    c) Install boXplorer on your Xbox and load it
    d) Put in your DVD and copy over the contents of D:\ to E:\ 
    e) Add a menu item in your EvoX config file to load E:\gentooxx.xbe
    f) Done - enjoy Gentoox, until you get a network, you wont actually be able to run
       anything as this is a barebones installation.
  Method 2) - With network
    a) Unpack the WHOLE archive to a single directory on your computer
    b) Start EvoX on your Xbox
    c) FTP across all the files you unpacked to /E/ on your Xbox
    d) Add a menu item in your EvoX config file to load E:\gentooxx.xbe
    e) Done - enjoy Gentoox
After much debating, I have decided to keep Gentoox as an E drive installation.  The reason
for this is that it would be very messy and require much human intervention in order to 
make it boot from F out of the box.  However, in an effort to decentralise the distribution
(i.e. not require everyone to connect to my server to change boot drive), I have included
the 'f-drive', 'e-drive' and 'newfs' programs in the distribution.  To run these, do the

	*Open a konsole/console
	su -
	[enter root password when asked]
	 * OR
	 * OR

Follow the on screen instructions for each of them.  The e-drive and f-drive scripts have
safeguards which dont allow you to run either one more than one time in sucession.

1.1 - Necessary Configuration (HIGHLY IMPORTANT)


The first thing youll notice when booting Gentoox Home v2 is a long pause whilst your IP
is displayed.  This is to allow you to note down the details incase you are incapable of
completing this next section and need to do it via SSH.  After the 20 second pause, the
'xbvset' script will be run which allows you to set your initial screen resolution.  This
proceedure should be done ENTIRELY with the Xbox controller (Xpad).  Follow these 
instructions CAREFULLY:

You will be presented with the following two selections:


It is highly recommended that you test 640x480 FIRST!  To select a resolution, move the 
cursor using your Xpad to the first character on the line.  If you are selecting 640x480,
then you move the cursor to the '6'.  Then, hold down the Green 'A' button and tap the
right direction on the D-pad until the WHOLE line becomes inversed (selected) - NOT JUST
THE 640x480!  (You'll see a white bar go across the screen).  Then press the red 'B' button. 
This should paste your selection into the system.

Depending on which resolution you chose, you will be presented with a list that resembles
the following:

   -PALBDGHI -auto 640 480 15.00 15.00
   -PAL60 -auto 640 480 15.00 15.00
   -NTSC -auto 640 480 12.00 9.00

Select the one that is appropriate to your system (NTSC == America, PAL == UK/ Europe...).
To select one, move the cursor to the beginning of the text, in each case this would be a 
'-' symbol.  Hold down the 'A' button and tap the right direction on the D-pad until the
WHOLE line becomes inversed (selected) from the '-' onwards, again youll know when you've
done it right as the background of the line will turn white from the '-' onwards.  Then 
press the red 'B' button.  This should paste your selection into the system.

Finally, youll be presented with the following options (again, varies depending on which
resolution you initially selected!):


Choose the one that suits your system (see above for PAL/ NTSC description).  Select it in
the same fashion as before, move the cursor to the beginning, hold 'A' and highlight the 
one you want to use.  Then press the 'B' button.  Your Xbox will then reboot and upon
reloading Gentoox, your new resolution will be applied.  Please note, the screen may
look totally garbled for up to 20 seconds after loading Xfree!  Wait it out before deciding
whether to change your settings.  

If you need to change your settings in the future or decide to upgrade Xfree, you MUST 
re-run xbvset:

	*Open a konsole/console
	su -
	[enter root password when asked]

1.2 - Extra tweakables

Once you've got your resolution selected, you'll notice your LED flashes green while running
and red while rebooting/ shutting down.  You can change the colour sequence/ pattern by
doing the following:

	*Open a konsole/console
	su -
	[enter root password when asked]

Have fun with this, but follow the instructions ;)


2.0 - Help, I'm still stuck!

If your TV will not display any picture no matter what, you must go back to using Home v1.
This is not a bad thing, it just means that you wont be able to use 800x600.  Home v1 will
still be updated with Home v2 via the magic system but will never receive 800x600 support
(This way I can still support all users!).  Please dont contact me saying this version gives
you garbled graphics, I already know that it doesnt work for some users!  Just use Home v1!

If you are having issues using the magic system, remember you can always run "magic usage"
(providing you have an internet connection).

Your most valuable resource regarding Gentoox is its homesite:
If you need some dynamic assistance, feel free to drop in to the official channel on irc:
Server :
Channel: #gentoox

( Windows mIRC users can run the following url: irc:// )


3.0 - Plans for the future

This isnt a final release, the following still needs to be done:

	* 3D nVidia acceleration
	* Cromwell integration
	* Selfinstalling CD/DVD edition
	* Integration with Avalaunch (Hopefully with this release), this will allow users
	  to install Gentoox through Avalaunch and an active internet connection to their

Keep an eye out for updates!


4.0 - Thanks

Thanks goes out to everyone who has supported me, offered suggestions and criticised 
(constructively!!!) my work.  You are the people who motivate me in my task to product
(what I feel) is the best Xbox Linux distribution around!  Without you, I probably would
not have bothered going beyond the initial "FINAL" release (as the name would suggest,
I didn't plan on releasing any updates, hehehe!).  

Respect is also due to the Xbox-Linux team of developers (Ed, Michael, Franz etc...) Without
them, there would be no Xbox Linux (let alone Gentoox).  Thanks!!!

I'd also like to thank Xantium from Xbox-Scene for posting news relating to Gentoox.

Thanks to Soundgarden for providing me with something to listen to :)

Thanks to everyone that idles in the Gentoox IRC channel!

And thanks to you for taking the time to read this instruction manual!  Hopefully it will
solve any immediate issues you may have with the installation of Gentoox Home v2.

This is the THIRD time this manual has had to be written due to HDD corruption and dataloss,
so I hope I haven't missed out anything important!