Halo 2 Map Resigner X
By TfAv1228

	1 Extract the rar to ..\H2MapResignerX
	2 Edit the text file \sets\MapDirectory.txt to contain your map location ex.. F:\games\Halo2\Maps\
	3 Transfer the folder H2MapResignerX to wherever you want to on you XBOX ex.. E:\Apps

	1 Only 90% of what should be showing onscreeen is showing

Future Function
	1 Resign All Maps With A Key Combo
	2 Resign A Map To Its Origional Encryption
	3 Any Other Realistic Suggestions

	A=Fix The Selected Maps Encryption
	Black=Exit Program
	D-Pad Down=Select Next Map
	D-Pad Up=Select Previous Map
	D-Pad Down+Left Trigger=Cycle Next Maps
	D-Pad Up+Ledt Trigger=Cycle Previous Maps

This is my first XBOX program

THANKS Farklem and xbdev.org for helpin me get started programming XBOX and a few functions
THANKS GenuineQ for the graphics and the font