What is this:
  A patch to make games compatible with the DreamX 1480

Why do you need it:
  To patch games for the faster processor so they run at normal speed and playback smoothly

How was this found:
  Actually Elupus was doing some debugging to see why XBMC's DVD Player was having issues on my DreamX 1480 when he had an idea.  I don't know exactly what triggered it, aside from the fact that the same problem with XBMC's code causing issues let him know where to look.  One thing is for sure...everyone with these special Xboxes should give him and Team XBMC a big thank you! :)

  For those of you wondering what a DreamX 1480 is, it is a modded Xbox from Friendtech with 1.4Ghz processor and 128Mb RAM upgrades.  These boxes were originally created to run Linux and things of that nature, they yielded some serious compatibility issues for playing games.  Basically game developers hardcode the games to the internal clock speed of the original processor (733.33Mhz) since they know every Xbox manufactured will have the same hardware components.  The problem here is that the DreamX is twice as fast so when games are hardcoded for the slower processor, they will run twice as fast, have choppy video, etc.  Lots and lots of problems result because of this.  Until now owners of these Xboxes haven't been able to play most of their games due to this problem plaguing the DreamX. this patch fixes that.  Testing showed that 98% of games tested played normal after applying this patch.

  The best implementation of this hack would be at bios level so it could patch xbe's on-the-fly and from discs.  I have hopes that some of the modchip teams will pick this up and run with it since it is a fairly simple hack.  If any developers have an interest in going a little further with this please contact Elupus or me and we can supply you the details of what the patch actually does.

How to use it:
 -Open DXpatch.exe
 -Get an xbe file from a game causing problems on your DreamX
 -open the xbe file of your problematic game
 -click the Start button
 -Your xbe will be patched, you will be notified if it is successful or failed
 -Now simply send your xbe back to your DreamX and enjoy!

(Note: This has not been tested, but if you patch an xbe then burn the game with the patched xbe your game should playback normal from disc as well.)