ForzaSign Forza Motorsport Resigning Utility

This is a simple Forza Motorsport utility designed to resign profiles being transferred from one Xbox to another.

  1) Copy your Forza Motorsport profile from your Xbox to your computer via FTP.
  2) Enter the 16 byte harddrive key from the source xbox in the source HDDKey box.
  3) Enter the 16 byte harddrive key from the destination xbox you want to resign it to.

Done! Your profile can now be FTP'd to the destination xbox and  should work.

Acquiring the HDDKey
This is well documented in the xbox-scene tutorials and forums, check both for more information.  To summarize, the EvolutionX backup function will output your HDDKey to an HDDInfo.txt file, and ConfigMagic can also be used to display your Xbox's HDDKey.  Pick a method, get the keys for both xboxes, input them as described above.

Have fun!