Forza CabExtract Release 1 by Angerwound
'Source Included'

This command line utility will input any of the supported archives 
and output their contents.

Formats Currently Supported:
.CAB Forza Archive
.CA2 Forza Archive

	'CabExtract [*]'

Version History:
V1.0 - First Release

Future Goals:
There exists one more archive in the Forza Game Software that
is yet to be supported. It holds all the models, images, and 
data for the tracks themselves. Support for the archive should
be in the near future.
I also hope to get a GUI/Explorer Shell version of this app 
sometime in the near future available for ease of use as 
well as a REBUILD option so you can test your changes to the 

None that I am currently aware of. If you find any please report
them to '[email protected]' or Forums.

Thanks to all who helped or gave some kind of input on this.

And of course my good friends...
PedrosPad, Sniperkil, Devz3ro, Roofus, BrienJ