Non-XBL AuthKey Patch v1.0 by brienj

Syntax: authkeypatch [filename] [ID number]
ID Number must be a number from 0 - 65,535

Just run the program on any xbe file and it will patch it to use the same AuthKey and also patch it so it uses a different folder number, depending on the unique ID number you give it.  I've made it so you can have up to 65,536 unique folder numbers, which should cover every Xbox game ever made, plus the number should never interfere with any real folder numbers used by any game.

Also, the xbe files will be patched, so that the game will show up in the dashboard memory manager, with the prefix "Non-XBL", so you can tell which saves are from your retail game and which ones are from your patched game.  This will let you keep your old retail saves, in case you need them to play on XBL.

The xbe files are also patched so that they all use the same AuthKey to resign the saves.
AuthKey = 31A43F9B548DB278EF1D0AF8E74BD5B016324526

You will have to figure out the rest of the info though, unless I happen to put it on Xbox Saves.  I should be making a sticky for Non-XBL resign info for different games.  Do not confuse it with the sticky that has the "normal" resign info.

After running the program, it will also tell you the folder number that your saves will now be saved in.  Make sure you keep note of that in case you need to find them.  I would suggest that you also start a fresh new save for each game, that way you can verify that the resign info is working correctly.  Then once you've verified that, you can hack the saves all you want.

Remember that these saves WILL NOT work with the retail game in any way.  They will ONLY work with your patched xbe file.

I hope you are all happy that you can now hack any save for any game now.  Enjoy!!!

Send any questions or comments to [email protected] and I'll try to answer you if possible.  Also, I would never turn down any donations sent through PayPal to that email address.

I want to give a special thanks to roofus and Angerwound for their help in making the program.  Also, as always, thanks to r0wdy and keiths for getting me into the scene and modding my box.  Plus to the guys on the Avalaunch Team, thanks for listening to me talk to myself all the time and helping me when I need it.  Much love to you all.