This version is based on neocdsdlx v1.00 from lantus :

The "only" new is iso/mp3 support, there are some limitations :

1) you must name the cue the same name as you rep (for example d:\isos\kof96\kof96.cue)
2) you must edit path.txt to select your paths (can be edited in d:\ and t:\ if you want)
3) each images must be in a folder in the iso folder (as for the example -> d:\ is the name of the folder which contain emu -> \isos\ is the isopath -> \kof96\ is the kof96 iso folder and \kof96.cue is the cuesheet file who has the same nam as kof96 iso folder.
4) Interface is really limited, I don t know sdl code and dont wanna mess with it, the main limitation is that you will probably all your isos if you have more than 10.
5) your cue must be named as the iso folder but not the files, no problem with their original name (except xbox fatx limitation)

How to use :

1) simply choose CD-ROM/ISO
2) choose your iso (if all works correctly)
The menu is limited to player D-PAD (up and down) and A button, again I don t really know SDL sorry