Auto-Installer Deluxe v2.01 Update Pack
Created by DJB on 18th May, 2005


Why is this needed?

There was a problem with the NKpatcher and PBL installations within AID 2.

For the people that don't use any softmod related installations, you probably wouldn't have noticed this at all, however for a softmod user this could have been a big problem.



How do I install it?

1. Run the AID 2.0 ISO Update program found in the downloaded AID 2.0 RAR archive.

2. Press the "Select the AID 2.0 ISO file" button, locate the AID 2 ISO on your PC.

3. Press the "Select Update file to use" button, locate AID2.Addon.v2.01.Update.rar file.

4. Press the "Save the modified ISO" button, select a location to save the new ISO.

5. The program will start automatically after selecting the save location.

6. All done. Burn the newly created ISO like you would normally.