For features and description, please see UnleashX documentation, or the change
logs for the last 3 releases, or so ;).

****	Change Log	****

UnleashX V0.38.0515 Build 565
Version:	0.38 Build 565
Status		Alpha
Release Date:	05/15/2005

*Fixed	Preview video looping bug introduced in build 564.
*Fixed	Relative path wasn't working for "List" element type.
*Fixed	Items that are not visible in FTP client window is not being deleted.
*Fixed	A problem with the "Fonts" collection that could cause the font to
	render huge display.
*Fixed	Video screensaver renders semi-opaque when file explorer or music 
	player is active.

*Added	Network link status to system info, and also to screen Text Item.
	100Mbps/Full Duplex, 10Mbps/Half Duplex...etc.
	Ex: <Text Left="514" Top="376" Source="LinkStatus" />
*Added	FreeMemory and TotalMemory added to screen text item.
	Ex: <Text Left="550" Top="285" Source="FreeMemory" />
*Added	MMActiveForeColor to the color scheme.
*Added	Force 24H time display format. Note: Time setting control is still 
	in 12H format (and will probably remain that way).

Note: 	This is a quick fix release intended to address the issues listed above.
	Some unconfirmed/reported bugs may still exists.

"SITE FREESIZE" that was mentioned in 564 was supposed to read: "SITE FREESPACE"

Live Update Server: Use this for the Server option as an 
alternative server.

HSDEMONS, Xantium and all staff of Xbox-Scene, Iriez and all staff of Xbins, 
Team Complex for their great BIOS, Team Assembly, Evolution-X for [r]evolutionizing
Xbox development, Team Xecuter and iND-BiOS for their BIOSes. Team XLink and 
XBConnect for changing the way people play and All XBMC developers.

antiflag1980, BLazeD, CaliSurfer008, Grebulon, Hectobleezy, Hydraulix, Javienn, JSmith, 
Jezz_X, koldFuzion, Kthulu, mkjones, scorpianuk, tweaqr, Youltar, to the rest of the 
beta testers, you guys did a wonderful job in ensuring that release builds continue to 
run smooth. To hansomat, fornorst and fernas for providing the initial language files. 
To all skinners with their creative minds. This dash won't be the same without your 
fabulous skins. And of course, to all UnleashX users, your inputs helped shape and made 
this dash as enjoyable and wonderful to use. To everyone in the homebrew scene, keep 
it rockin' and rolling. To those I failed to mention...

Special thanks to our sponsor, BMMods (, for supplying the hardware I needed.
Thanks to Modchip-Source ( for providing the HD used for testing.