Virtual Xbox CD Ripper (VXCR) v0.0.4


- UIX Support
- Runtime Error '380' fixed
- Resizeable window (Bug free! :])
- Skips conversion if wma file
- Right-clicking on soundtrack name brings up popup menu
- Some settings weren't saving/reading in properly
- Adding songs should be named and added to ST.DB properly
- If viewing files by filename, doesn't add file extension to filename in ST.DB
- Took out CD ripping for now (was never there in the first place)
- Attempt to fix "Runtime Error '6': Overflow"
- Settings are reflected as soon as you click 'Done'
- Fixed bug with deleteing multiple songs at once
- Fixed a bug where it would upload songs with no ID3 Tag information
- Possibly fixed error with deleting soundtracks
- Possibly fixed error with encoding engine
- If no songs are checked to delete, it will delete selected (highlighted) song

- Rename soundtracks added
- Autoconnect added
- Passive FTP mode supported
- Can create a new ST.DB
- Lots of other fixes

*Note: This version is incompatable with the previous versions Settings.ini file.

- Revamped FTP Code
- Added default settings profile (hopefully fixes some errors)
- Fixed other minor bugs

- ST.DB handling should be 100%
- New FTP code
- Can delete songs from soundtracks
- (Un)Select all has been added to local songs
- When deleting song/soundtrack it deletes the associated file(s)
- Autoselects the first soundtrack on connection
- Other minor bug fixes