x2 Config Maker v2.7.2[PC] for 'x2 5032 ONLY'

NOTE: When saving Logo\Flubber Presets do NOT add a file extention.

What's New\Fixed:
* Full LED Cycle options
* Fixed loading of Animation path.
* Altered FTP code (Again)

* Does not set Colour Preset or x2logo 
  selection when loading config file.
* Does not load LED cycle settings.
* FTP fails with Evox.

* LBA48 Patching
* Preview Flubber screen.

Team Xecuter, Big_Whoopin, henryperu77


x2 Config Maker v2.7.1a[PC]
What's New\Fixed:
* Power LED preview
* Fixed loading of Colour info.
* Altered FTP code (Again)
* Fixed No Reset On Eject & Do DVD Check Toggle's

x2 Config Maker v2.7.1[PC]
What's New\Fixed:
* Read x2config.ini from HDD
* Read x2config.ini from xbox
* Fixed Listing of x2logo.bmp's
* FTP code simplified. (Need feedback).

x2 Config Maker v2.6.7[PC]
* Fixed random anim switch
* Force all Dash path's to lower case
* custom x2logo.bmp's added to logo
* upload x2logo.bmp via FTP
* conforms to x2 5032's ini layout

x2 Config Maker v2.6[PC]
* Logo\Flubber Presets.
* Save Logo\Flubber Presets.
* Direct FTP to xbox.
* Save FTP settings.

x2 Config Maker v2.5[PC]
* x2 5030 style boot options
* New easier lighter GUI
* Fan Speed in 10% increments (10% - 100%).
* Save config to hdd.
* 'X' Screen Preview
* 100% standalone, no internet connection required.