For features and description, please see UnleashX documentation, or the change
logs for the last 3 releases, or so ;).

****	Change Log	****

UnleashX V0.38.0508 Build 564
Version:	0.38 Build 564
Status		Alpha
Release Date:	05/08/2005

*Fixed	Ambient sound stopped working.
*Fixed	C:\xboxdash.xbe is used/inserted automatically when the Audio CD player 
	is blank and you modified the Autoplay option.
*Fixed	Screen flashes when transferring files to/from the xbox.
*Fixed	SITE FreeSize is reporting a wrong value if the free HD space on the 
	target drive is more than 3.5GB (approx.).
*Fixed	Extracting Rar files was very slow. 
*Fixed	Auto-shutdown was not functioning properly.
*Fixed	Playlist does not display the name of song when played using the file 
*Fixed	Removing the language file causes the xbox to reboot, but changes are
	still saved.

*Added	Auto-log off of FTP users after 5 minutes of inactivity.
*Added	"Relative" attribute to the MusicPlayer section. This will cause the 
	coordinates of the items to be relative to the top-left coordinate of 
	the player window, rather than the screen. Default value is False.
	Ex: <MusicPlayer Left="10" Top="96" Width="308" Height="288" 
	This means that an item with (0,0) coordinate will be shown at (10,96).
	Note: Playlist window is still absolute.
*Added	"Direction" attribute to the "Progress" and "Volume" element of the
	music player, which controls the way these element are drawn. Acceptable
	values are "Up", "Left", "Right" and "Down" with "Left" being the default.
*Added	The button ("Element" element) sequence is now honored by the player,
	meaning you can re-order them and the control sequence will follow that
	order. It is also possible to omit a button and still keep the sequence

	Note: For music player related skinning, take a look at This is a skin based on OrangeShapes
	with Constantine music player theme.

*Changed	ScreenSaver will default to Text mode if Slideshow path or video 
		file is not found.
*Changed	On screensaver text mode, the "tick" sound is suppressed if 
		background music is playing.
*Changed	All fonts has been modified to include characters above ASCII 127. 
		Hence, the caption should also display accented characters.

Live Update Server: Use this for the Server option as an 
alternative server.

HSDEMONS, Xantium and all staff of Xbox-Scene, Iriez and all staff of Xbins, 
Team Complex for their great BIOS, Team Assembly, Evolution-X for [r]evolutionizing
Xbox development, Team Xecuter and iND-BiOS for their BIOSes. Team XLink and 
XBConnect for changing the way people play and All XBMC developers.

antiflag1980, BLazeD, CaliSurfer008, Grebulon, Hectobleezy, Hydraulix, Javienn, JSmith, 
Jezz_X, koldFuzion, Kthulu, mkjones, scorpianuk, tweaqr, Youltar, to the rest of the 
beta testers, you guys did a wonderful job in ensuring that release builds continue to 
run smooth. To hansomat, fornorst and fernas for providing the initial language files. 
To all skinners with their creative minds. This dash won't be the same without your 
fabulous skins. And of course, to all UnleashX users, your inputs helped shape and made 
this dash as enjoyable and wonderful to use. To everyone in the homebrew scene, keep 
it rockin' and rolling. To those I failed to mention...

Special thanks to our sponsor, BMMods (, for supplying the hardware I needed.
Thanks to Modchip-Source ( for providing the HD used for testing.

Lastly, to all mothers out there, have a happy Mother's day today.