ScummVM 0.71 XBOX WIP Release

Intro Monkey

This is a new port of ScummVM that I put together a couple of months ago.
It is all new and isn't based on the existing scummvmx code.

Originally it was of version 0.70, I then updated it once 0.71 was released.

It's not finished and has been sitting on my hard drive gathering dust for 
the last few weeks. To be brutally honest - I've forgotten where I was up to,
so I've decided to release it, get some feedback and then continue from there.

Although it's not finished, it should be perfectly playable. In fact a couple 
of people have been using it for a while and have reported no problems.

New Monkeys

As well as supporting all the latest updates to the main ScummVM core, I've
also added in a couple of things to enhance the ScummVM experience on the xbox.

Most noticeable is support for a virtual keyboard - hit the left trigger to
show/hide that. It's very similar to the one used in the Dreamcast port, just
tidied up a bit.

The other main change is the addition of some code that should improve the 
performance of some of the larger games when run from a dvd (Curse of Monkey 
Island for example). They won't be perfect, but they should be much better
than with any previous xbox version of ScummVM.

Also this release does support Roland MT32 midi emulation. If you have the 
correct rom files (do NOT ask me where to get them) just drop them in the
folder with the xbe, then you can select MT32 emulation in the options screen.

But be warned - it sounds ace, but the xbox is not powerful enough to emulate
the MT32 and run the game engine. It's included more as a curio than anything.

Missing Monkeys

As I said - this isn't finished, there are things I wanted to do but haven't
yet gotten round to. There are also things that probably should be done but
as mentioned previously - I forgot where I got to!

Two of the things that I know aren't in there yet are:

* screen resizing 	- just haven't gotten round to it.
* improved front end	- again I meant to do this but haven't yet.

So please don't tell me about those!

But please do tell me about anything else.

Controls Monkeys

Please not these are slightly different to the controls in previous xbox versions.

Left or Right stick 		- 		move cursor
A				-		left mouse button or select on virtual keyboard
B				-		right mouse button
Start				-		ESC
Back				-		F5
X				- 		. (full stop/period)
Y				-		space
Left Trigger			-		toggle virtual keyboard
DPad				-		numpad emulation or move selection on virtual keyboard

Bug Monkeys

Because this isn't properly finished there may well be numerous bugs. If
you find any please report them to me in the emulation forum of

And if you don't find any - please drop by and tell me how ace my work is! ;)

Monkey Thanks

Obviously massive thanks have to go out to the entire ScummVM team.

Also thanks to:

lantus for his work on libSDLx.
TMaul and Likklebaer for being test monkeys.
Iriez for everything he does for the xbox scene.
XanTium for xbox-scene.

Anyone that I've missed - let me know and I'll make amends in future.