For features and description, please see UnleashX documentation, or the change
logs for the last 3 releases, or so ;).

****	Change Log	****

UnleashX V0.38.0501 Build 562
Version:	0.38 Build 562
Status		Alpha
Release Date:	05/01/2005

*Fixed	Freezing in Game Saves Manager when downlading or trying to download a game
	save file.
*Fixed	Can't transfer 0 Byte to/from FTP Server
*Fixed	Can't trasfer to/from FTP Server any filename with unicode characters
*Fixed	File manager and FTP client doesn't correctly display filenames containing
	characters above ASCII 127.
*Fixed	FTP Server halts to a slow when more than one client is transferring files
*Fixed	FTP client can now connect to EvolutionX FTP Server
*Fixed	FTP Site editor only accepts/stores up to 20 characters for the address.

*Fixed	Bug in ISO9660 Disc parsing routine
*Fixed	Booting the dash from Drive G over writes its configuration file
*Fixed 	Xml parser fails to parse an xml document if a comment element contains ">"

*Added 	Formating option directly from the file manager. Just highlight the drive
	then select Format. Disabled for Drive C, E, F & G. Use an script for that.
*Added	Formating of Memory Unit. Use the file manager to do this. Uninitialized 
	memory unit, including those FAT/FAT32 formatted MU, can now be formatted.
*Added	Audio CD playback capability. Leave the Audio CD Software Player option 
	blank to use the dash for playback.
*Added	Ability to play MP3 and WAV (wma is still experimental) files directly from
	an ISO9660 disc. Use the file manager to select your audio file.
*Added	Fully skinable Music Player front end. See this XBS link for more info:
*Added	Capability to localize some text and messages via external xml file. This 
	means that a lot of text can now appear in your favorite language.
	See this XBS link for info:
	Note: Not 100% of strings are localizable, yet.
*Added 	Xbox soundtrack manager. The same usual stuff found in MS Dash. Copy, edit, 
	rename, delete...etc, except CDDA to WMA or CD ripping.
*Added	LED settings -See under system settings. You can now assign LED color 
	when the following events occur: ScreenSaver, File copying, FTP Send, 
	FTP Receive, FTP Boost, and when the system is busy doing background tasks. 
	All LED combinations are available, flashing and alternating.

*ADDED	Mapped right thumbstick to lower-right portion on screen calibration.

*Changed	Picture slideshow screensaver is now random
*Changed	Upgraded UnRar engine to 3.40

-Improved Skinning support. 
*Screen	items can now be stacked/ordered by adding the zIndex attribute, i.e., 
	zIndex="5". Items with the same zIndex value will be drawn in the order they
	are found. zIndex don't have to be sequential or continuous, meaning you can
	use 1,2,3,5,8,10...n. This means that you can now draw in this manner: 
		text, image, shape, text, text, image...etc. 
	However, menu item is still on top of everything else.
*Added	Fonts collection. You can now have a fonts collection and use them where 
	they're possible. So, it is now possible to display Text items using different fonts. 
	The Format is:
			<Font Name="MyFont">mycoolfont.xpr</Font>
			<Font Name="MyOtherFont">whatever.xpr</Font>

	Then use them like this:
		<Text Left="180" Top="142" Source="SongTime" Font="MyFont" zIndex="2" />

*Added 	a few more items for text source
	-SongTrack - concatenation of song and soundtrack 
	-SongBitRate - Ex: 128 KBPS...etc
	-SongLength - Ex: 5:12
	-SongFrequency - Ex: 44.1KHz (Almost always)
	-SongChannel - Audio CD, Stereo or Mono

Live Update Server: Use this for the Server option as an 
alternative server.