Halo 2 Launcher by farklem

Q: What is Halo 2 Launcher?
A: It is a very simple xbox application that allows users to pick if they want to launch Halo 2 version 1.0 or version 1.1

Q: Why would I want to launch Halo 2 1.0 if I have 1.1?
A: The 2 versions of Halo 2 are not compatable over system link and the XDK cannot be used to take screen shots of Halo 2 1.1

You must have a modded xbox with Halo 2 installed on your harddrive.
You also need the Halo 2 1.1 update installed.

1.  In the E:\TDATA\4D530064\$u folder, rename the version 1.1 Halo 2 xbe (default.xbe) to default1.1.xbe
2.  Copy the older 1.0 Halo 2 xbe to the same $u directory and name it default1.0.xbe (this can be found on the halo 2 DVD).
3.  From the Halo2Launcher folder, copy default.xbe and the LauncherMedia folder to your Halo 2 directory on your xbox harddrive (for example F:\Games\Halo 2).

I cannot tell you where to get the 1.1 update.
Halo 2 version 1.1 will not run under a debug bios.

Special thanks to Bungie for this awsome game and for the images I used in Halo 2 Launcher.