Version 0.9b3

X2 BIOS config maker.

Beta. Some things don't work yet. Something may be broken.

Things to do:

  LBA48 mode patching
  XBtool preset import
  config file import

Email bug reports to: [email protected]



     * Theme load/save function.
     * Fixed broken camera path spinner.
     * Fixed problem saving the config when all tabs hadn't been visited.
     * Fixed bug causing ani colors to not update.
     * Various other bug fixes.

    * Fixed missing startDebug config var (thanks Klutsh).
    * Combined logo and flubber into one property page.
    * Moved some items previously in the logo and animation pages to misc.
    * Disabled non-functional (for now) LBA48 mode combo.
    * Added themes combo (disabled and not yet functional).
    * VStudio puked on my code and I had to redo all dialogs, so maybe
      something broke in this version which worked in b1.


   * First public release.