README for Mono XBGM# For GTK# (xbgmsharp)

XBGM# is a GUI tool to Manage Xbox Game from Avalaunch
Dashboard that runs with Mono and GTK#.

It is written in C.Net (C#) using a GTK# interface

Mono can be found at
GTK# can be found at

Read INSTALL.TXT on how to install xbgmsharp.

Using XBGM# For GTK#

To started XBGM#, double click on "xbgmsharp.bat" file.
(if it does not work, launch a command line and execute xbgmsharp.bat, then feedback the error message by screenshot.)
Use xbgmsharp.bat with mono 1.0.5
or edit one the batch file

In order to configure XBGM# you need to click on the Configuration icon on the Top left Toolbar

A configuration Dialog will appear.

Enter the information need to make the connection.

check if you would like XBGM# to use G drive or cache

Click OK.

check if you would like XBGM# to show icons.

Then You can (get) connect to your xbox by clicking on "Scan Titles", the refresh icon.

A few secondes later, you will see the list of your games. Look at the status bar.

Then to launch, delete and rename the selected a game or right ckick on it.

All files will be saved on local path of the xbgmsharp binary.

Note: Please feedback! on XS Forums