Surreal64 XXX Changelog:


FreakDave :

- Fixed: Controller ports 3 and 4 did not work
- Fixed: Slowdown in Zelda Majora's Mask
- Fixed: Changing MemPak/RumblePak via submenu did not work
- Fixed: Enable/Disable Controller option via submenu did not work
- Added: Rice 5.10
- Added: Rice 5.31
- Added: Experimental 128 MB support 
- some videoriceini editing

GogoAckman :

- X button in the menu to decrease
- bug of the 4 controllers solved (but there is another strange bug -> solved, removed others xbinput from project and linked to include)
- romlistcache readded
- emu now know if it runs from cd or hd, so it can now boot from (not tested)
- sensitivity -100% to +100%
- X button in place of B button by default
- debug info and find the screen size in rice5.60 but I am still looking for left and top offset position.
- removed some input.cpp from project, not needed (there are still unneeded files I think)
- debug info
- configappsave2 by crc
- include rice 510 and 531 (error compiling)
- see if there is a bug when editing controllers (done, apparently no bugs)
- launcher music
- loading bar corrected
- corrected freeze when no roms found
- Added skin by Neverwill

Beta2 - initial release

- sources updated to latest cvs, which means rice video 5.60, new audio plugins. 
- brand new launcher, I let you discover it 
- brand new ingamemenu 
- lot of options 
- input corrected a bit, it is not perfect though 
- many other things, too much to tell actually