X3 Config Live Build 3108

Make sure you read the changelog.txt, scriptlanguage_doc.txt & x3skins.txt

Even though we have worked hard to test this ass out of this please remember there is a HELL of a lot of code here and there will always be bugs - but as you guys know we always listen and do our best to fix as fast as possible.

The v1.6plus version of this bios is now compatible with v1.6b Both versions have been tested and fully working on all versions / regions of Xbox.

X3 3108.bin is for v1.0 - v1.5 Xbox Versions
X3 3108 v16plus.bin is for v1.6/v1.6b Xbox Versions.

For Support help and advice please visit www.teamxecuter.com

Make sure you read all included info on x3_script.ini and also x3skin.ini

We will not reponsible if you mess up your Xbox - always read instructions

Team Xecuter

	- fixed: Debug mode problems
	- fixed: Faulty titles on the keyboard on some places
	- fixed: DVD firmware output
	- fixed: Changed default keyboard colors to something more attractive
	- fixed: Keyboard font colors
	- fixed: Keyboard placement when menu has a noncentered location
	- fixed: Quicklaunch bugs 
	- fixed: Video mode quick change
	- added: Made background transparent while keyboard is enabled 
	- added: Kernel build into x3data.txt
	- added: MacAddress to xbox info (for testing x3 doesn't change mac on the xbox)
	- added: Screenshot capabillities now in all areas
	- added: 3 New Default Skins in the rar file
	skins :
	- fixed: Skinbug that caused skin to crash if it couldn't find ini file
	- fixed: Skinbug that occured if skin was packed inside a subdir
	- fixed: Crashbug if space after ; in skin's ini file
	- fixed: Bug where last line of skin.ini doesn't get read if no enter to terminate the line
	- added: Default X3 skin to skinlist

	- fixed: Some PASV issues, should solve a lot of crashing experiences. 

	- fixed: DVD model ID
	- fixed: Selecting empty skindir no longer crashes
	- fixed: Speeded up ftp uploads by quite a bit, averages over 10mb/s on large files
	- fixed: Made entering the bios a bit more flexible so it has more time to init the controller
	- fixed: menu color is now correct according to skin assignments
	- fixed: tuned some XICS BIOS flashing timings to avoid frags.
	- fixed: Made the skinloader a bit more forgiving and informative on what's wrong
	- fixed: Many different script http-download issues, also made it capable of speeds up in the 10mb/s area
	- fixed: Speeded up scripting-unzip by deprioritizing display output
	- added: Added + and ' to the not approved filename characters in ftp.
	- added: New skin alignment 'N'  ( means do not show )
	- added: "hddCstatus" "hddEstatus" "hddFstatus" and "hddGstatus" skinsettings for individual drive display
	- added: Screenshot in fanspeed setup
	- added: Made a way around the filesystem limitation regarding renaming files with only case-differences ( Help => 		 	 help )

	- fixed: CERT key not set, savegames not loadable
	- fixed: The hdd partition saved to hdd is now used when option set in x3cl
	- added: emergency eeprom erase, hold a+b+x+y on startup to erase x3 config and reset xbox
	- added: quick button combo to set to ntsc: left trigger + X
	- added: quick button combo to set to pal: left trigger + Y
	- added: popup telling when entered text got truncated
	- added: configurable to enable/disable boot from cdrom (d:\default.xbe)
	- added: usb pendrive support (fat16 + fat32)
	- added: iso9660 support for scripting
	- added: scripting support, x3cl scans pendrive / cdrom on startup and executes script (handy for installers!)
	- added: zip file handling
	- added: skinning system - skins can automatically downloaded/installed from x3cl
	- added: micro http client system for downloading of addons/skins/whatever
	- fixed: qwix/explorer ftp dir bug
	- fixed: improved boot times a little bit
	- fixed: fixed the threading-issue that sometimes left an idle thread when executing dashboard
	- fixed: widescreen signal not sent correctly to TV when running PAL
	- fixed: pal60 flags fuckup - this release should fix all pal60 issues (non working ms dash) now!!
	- note: pal60 setting now moved to settings/video modes, only visible when current mode is PAL-I
	- fixed: "eeprom backup info" if no backup existent
	- fixed: display of wrong time after backupping eeprom in x3cl
	- fixed: local timezone bullshit - you wont get wrong values anymore when setting time in x3cl
	- info: steady hdd led in x3cl is normal -> x3cl is querying the hdd for free space left informations
	- added: x3cl now runs in widescreen too if widescreen enabled in eeprom
	- fixed: x3cl modeset switching problems; eeprom user section checksum calculation was fucked up - 
	  this caused non working widescreen/vidmode settings! fixed and tested 100% now - please switch vidmodes in x3cl one 	  time to correct
	  the eeprom user section checksum
	- changed auto-480p behaviour: 480p now automatically enabled in flubber&x3cl ONLY when we are on NTSC-M and 480p is 		  enabled in eeprom. If this is not the case then both things are displayed in 480i
	- tested bios on xcalibur/focus with *microsoft HD pack*, 32 testcases with various videomode combinations tested, 	   	  all work 100% now. 
	  *Don't* enable 480p in eeprom if you dont have a 480p capable device!!!
	- Note: other HD packs (and also x2vga) may bring different results!
	- fixed wrong time display - now x3cl displays/sets time with correct timezone
	- kicked out custom flubber for now since it seems to be the reason for non booting games (fucked up framebuffer 	  	  pointer?)
	- fixed "rename" function in ftp - works now
	- fixed "dir = 0kb file" problem on D: drive, other drives work perfectly (tested with flashfxp 1015)
	- HALO 2 now booting and working 100%, note: you have to disable debug mode (as you had to do in HALO 1) to make it 	  	  work!
	- (finally?) fixed HDTV videomodes, tested on focus and xcalibur
	- x3cl now always 480p if hd pack is attached
	- start anim now always 480p if hd pack attached
	- fixed non working hdtv on conexant / focus
	- 480p on xcalibur still not working - bughunting in progress
	- fixed non booting games
	- propably fixed system link problem on 1.6, gotta be tested
	- propably fixed savegame corruption on 1.6, gotta be tested
	- fixed problem when entering passwords, note: passwords are 8 chars max!
	- ftp can now move files across drives, but note, this doesn't work with directories! XBOX API function "MoveFileEx" 	  	  only moves files across drives, not dirs!
	- [TEMP. DISABLED DUE TO XCALIBUR 480P BUG] x3cl now displayed in 480p if hd pack attached
	- [TEMP. DISABLED DUE TO XCALIBUR 480P BUG] flubber now displayed in 480p if hd pack attached
	- fixed bug that prevented flashing of backup flash rom
	- fixed bug when determining the filename of the just uploaded bios (happens with internet explorer only)
	- added display of hdd free space to x3cl main screen
	- fixed bug with crashing ftp server on rare occasions (THUG2)
	- fixed bug with dpad up/down crashing on xbox info screens
	- "site launch" ftp command fixed - this actually never worked correctly
	- removed "hurz and murz" the two idiots
	- fixed file/directory ftp move (RNFR/RNTO) (did that ever work correctly?)
	- added display of free space per partition in ftp dir listing
	- changed default animation
	- removed small blobs from x3 logo anim
	- removed f: g: drive partitioning on existing hdd in case they arent present
	- changed default color of "3"
	- checking for flash protection now before starting to flash
	- fixed non working random startup animation paths
	- many many textchanges
	- lcd backlight setting now configurable
	- tweaked lcd output a little bit
	- lcd welcome message (default: "www.teamxecuter.com") is now changeable
	- colorized new flubber/xlogo code
	- added several new flubber/xlogo toggles
	- fixed bug with temp. display on 1.6 when displaying messageboxes in x3 config live
	- now supporting nghtshd's partitioning tool - successfully tested, partitioning has to be enabled in x3 config live 	  	  to make it use a saved partition
	  (new option located under disk tools / new hdd upgrade)
	- backlight now enabled in x3 config live (will be configurable later)
	- 2 kernels now available, <1.6 and 1.6
	- added new startup animation code (will be configurable soon)
	- new lcd lib used
	- fixed problem with not disabling x3
	- disabled temperature display on 1.6 boxes
	- first 1.6 xbox bios release
	- full xcalibur support added
	- fixed logo colours
	- auto naming of flashed files
	- added x3 startup text (will be customizable in future versions)
	- changed flashing menu mechanism (now directly allows flashing without having to select flashname entry from menu)
	- rearranged menus a little bit
	- fixed nasty eeprom bug... if your eeprom is hosed now, just change something in vidmodes - it will be re-encrypted 	  	  again
	- fixed backup rom flashing
	- added lcd support (which can be toggled in menu)
	- added flashing of internal backup rom (crashes, due to cpld issues?)
	- changed code to new x3 config registers
	- after changing a dashname, the dash priority list is instantly updated
	- to define a transparent background for a logo, use color value #FF00F6 - it gets automatically replaced by 		 	  background color
	- ... and because of that, the x3 default logo now has a transparent background and looks great even on changed 	  	  background colors
	- added 4 new flubber color presets
	- quick-7am-in-the-morning-fix: rewrote controller query code to reliably handle removal/adding of 1-4 controllers
	- moved x3logo.bmp to E: drive
	- fixed lacking screenshot ability in colorpicker dialogues
	- screenshots now incrementally saved to e:\x3screenshots
	- screenshots now everywhere possible (even in keyboards, flashing, confirm. dialogues)
	- no more auto finishing of time/date entry, now has to be confirmed with y
	- added 256 colors 180x50 bitmap logo loading to kernel - put c:\x3logo.bmp with 256 colors (8bit) and 180x50px and 	  	  enjoy the colors on startup ;)
	- after bank switch you now can directly boot to this bank
	- added mod disable function -> reboots machine with mod disabled
	- fixed bug that you could hold any button to enter app, now only white is allowed, so first is checked for white, 	  	  then a,b,x or y and then dashes are run
	- fixed bug that when controller is removed then menu went dead
	- xshell is no longer loaded when debug is disabled
	- fixed all menu bugs
	- added cancel/-/_ button to keyboard, reworked key mappings
	- fixed cursor bugs
	- black + back combo does cold reboot
	- white + back combo does screenshot (e:\x3screenshot.bmp)
	- added ability to set LED color
	- autofill for date/time setting keyboard ("." between DD.MM or HH.MM is inserted)
	- beautified confirmation and info dialogues
	- added all encryption keys to x3data.txt
	- added all flubber / logo colors to x3data.txt
	- added display of manufacturing date / location and more hardware infos
	any maybe even more? just tired right now...
	- e:\\dashboard.xbx is ignored now when debug is disabled (though, xshell is not runnable without dbd support! needs 	  	  exports!)
	- removed wiping of xeepromkey (normally this is a standard kernel function) - no more 0000 eeprom keys
	- dip switch display fixed (1-4 now)
	- re-arranged hdd setup menu
	- static ip now default