ccXgui LITE Beta 1.0
04/11-2005 - 19.45 GMT+01:00

Hi all.... I'm back again.

After my HDD crash, I have been quite buisy with study,
family etc. Today I then thought (Still no data recovered)
that I had to make something new in the meantime. So here
it is. ccXgui LITE.

The difference between ccXgui and ccXgui LITE is..... well
the name almost tells it. It's a quite basic GUI for ccXstream.

You can select 1 share, and select a name for the share, and
then run it. All the core functionalities is offcause still
there (terminating ccXstram when you close ccXgui LITE etc.)
but I have decided not to make anything fancy atm.

The reason for this new GUI is also people complaining about
numerous bugs in the old, and while looking back on it, I think
I can remember that the source was quite a mess. So now a fresh

That don't mean that ccXgui (original) is no more. It's just (hopefully)
a matter of getting the data recovered from the damaged HDD.

So for now. Enjoy this very very very basic GUI... cuz we all
love ccXstream right :P  ... well.. I do :D