KI-Emu X Beta 2 (by LikkleBaer)

This is my little update to lantus' U64Emu project. I changed the name because the previous version couldn't seem to make up its mind, the internal XBE name was 'Killer Instinct X, and the in-game menus and docs referred to it as 'U64-X'. At least now everything matches ^_^.

So here's what I've added/changed:

- Now runs from disc as well as HDD. (see notes below)

- Fixed reversed HP and HK controls.

- Fixed inverted directions when resizing screen.

- Optimized display settings and screen size.

- UI has been given a facelift.

- Added nice loading screens. (mainly for disc users)

- Included DATs to ensure correct ROMs are used.

That's all for now. ^_^

BTW, You'll need to delete your old 'Killer Instinct X' savegame (or e:\tdata\64646464) before running this version.

Notes for disc users
These are some points that you will need to keep in mind if running KI-Emu X from disc. First of all, it takes alot longer to load from disc than from HDD (hence the pretty new loading screens). KI1 will take about 1.5 minutes, KI2 will take between 3 and 4 minutes during which time your Xbox will not appear to be doing anything, but just leave it alone and everything will work fine.

Also, any changes to the games diagnostics settings (e.g. volume control) will not be saved since these changes need to be applied directly to the HD image. If you wish to adjust these settings then I would recommend using the PC version of U64Emu to do so before burning your images to disc (though don't set the volume too high or you'll get crackling sound).

Thankies to
Nobody - I did this all by myself. ^_^


U64-X Beta 1

This is the Xbox port of u64 V3.02 - Killer Instinct 1 and 2 arcade


- Killer Instinct 1 and 2
- 2 player support
- 5 savestates per game
- X-Arcade Support
- Artwork by Xcomapocalypse

Setting It Up

You need the following files to play Killer Instinct 1 and 2

/KI1 Folder
/KI2 Folder
Important! - Rom names have been currently hardcoded, so if your ROM set has
different filenames you will need to rename them to the above format.


A - start selected game
X - configure gamepads

In Game

Right Thumb - In Game Menu


Q) U64-X doesnt work why?
A) Try disabling IGR in evox and/or check
   and make sure you have correct roms.
Q) Where does ki.dat or ki2.dat exist?
A) E:\TDATA\64646464

Q) Are Mame CHD images supported?
A) No, but there are some tutorials on the net
   about converting a CHD to a .img format.

Q) The framerate in KI2 is lower than KI1 why?
A) KI2 requires more processing power.

Q) Will any other Midway Harddisk games be supported
   in the future such as Crusin' USA?
A) No

Q) Where are the dip switch settings?
A) I've left them out of Beta 1, they have been hardwired
   to the default settings for now (Free Play, More Blood etc)
Q) Why did you port 3.02 when 3.05 is out?
A) Show me the source.

Q) The sound is too low, can i fix it?
A) Yes, turn it up in the diagnostics.


- Add DIPSwitches
- CRC check on roms
- Better rom validation
- Graphic Filters (maybe - if it doesnt tax the framerates)
- Bugs?

RCP for his excellent u64 (Formally KIAME) emulator.
RARE for the original arcade games.
Xcomapocalypse for the excellent artwork.
Rand for testing.