FBAXXX (27/02/2005) 

What's New? 

- removed superscale filter, it was crashing the xbox 
- fixed memory leak when changing menu or when no preview picture was in 
- fixed screenshot function 
- fixed fast forward message,... 
- changed cpu adjust speed menu to a menu where you can choose : 
- cpu speed 
- asm68K or Musashi 68K 
- use old vmm or new vmm 
- page buffer size 

- Page buffer size default is 256K, you don t need to change it, the emu might crash when changed 
- Old VMM is the one from lantus (with fread, fseek and fopen) and new VMM from manto (createfile, setfilepointer and readfile), I optimized both of them but there are still some sound glitches, I let you choose which one you want.