About Surreal64 FDB
This is a modified version (FDB = freakdave's birthday release) of Surreal64 v1.0.

* Added: Implemented GogoAckman's Video Menu and renamed to Settings Menu
* Added: Option to change the analogue stick sensitivity via the Settings Menu
* Fixed: Removed custom settings from Surreal.ini as they're now stored in fdb.ini
* Fixed: Some bugs in GogoAckman's Video Menu code which forced you to restart Surreal if you changed texture filter modes for PJ64 and 1964
* Fixed: Lockup if there was no fdb.ini (former Surreal-xxx.ini) in the directory
* Fixed: Removed Vertex mode option from the Video Menu
* Fixed: Some typos in the Video Menu
* Fixed: Minor code cleanups

* Full sourcecode is included

FAQ (updated)
Q: How do i change Surreal's Vertex Processing Mode?
A: Open fdb.ini and search for VertexMode:
Valid modes are :
0 = Pure Device (don't use this setting unless you know what you're doing. Not recommended)
1 = Software Vertex Processing (this is Surreal's default setting.Recommended)
2 = Hardware Vertex Processing (games may run faster and even better with this setting, but it may also cause graphical glitches in certain games. Not recommended)
3 = Mixed Vertex Processing (specifies mixed (both software and hardware) vertex processing. Not recommended)

Q: How do i change the Texture Filter for PJ64/1964/UltraXLE
A: Start a game and push the right thumbstick. 
Go into Settings Menu, highlight Texture Filter and press (A)
Valid modes are :
1 = Point Filtering (Fast but low quality. Looks like on a Nintendo DS or PS1)
2 = Linear Filtering (Surreal's default setting)
3 = Anisotropic Filtering (Slower but better quality.My favorite btw ;))
4 = Quincunx Filtering (Cubic Filter mode.Looks similar to Point Filter mode)
5 = Gaussian-Cubic Filtering (Cubic Filter mode with a different cubic kernel)

Q: How do i change the Sensitivity for the Analogue sticks ?
A: Start a game and push the right thumbstick.
Go into Settings Menu, highlight Sensitivity in % and press (A)
0% = Surreal64's default value (8000)
100% = Maximum sensitivity
A value of 60% worked fine for me in most cases.

You can also change these settings in fdb.ini

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