X-Changer OS Update 1.4

New Features:
- Network flash funktion (DHCP)
If you choose at the Advanced/Flash menue the network flash, you have the possibility to flash your 
X-Changer Chip via a standard webbrowser over the network.
Just type the IP-Adress in your browser and you see the new flash page of your X-Changer chip.

Updating your X-Changer Chip

1. Burn this files with the dummy file from the zip-archive (extracted around 100 MB) on a CD  (for most XBox Drives CD-RW, please use normal ISO not UDF).

2. At the X-Changer main menu choose "Advanced" -> "Flash Menu" -> "Update OS from CD-Rom"

3. The drive opens the Tray and you have to insert your  Bios Disc

4. The X-Changer will flash automatically and reboots after 5 seconds.

thats all...

The X-Changer Team