by Carcharius, LikkleBaer

v2.0 Beta

As you can see, this is a huge release. It implements pretty much every feature we wanted to include in 
Doom-X and a few more besides. Any future releases will be primarily focused on bug-fixes, tweaks, and tidy-ups.
So, without further time-wasting, check out the list of changes below and enjoy this new version. ^_^

What's New

- Mod support (pWADs only) with selectable Start Map

- System link support for up to 4 players added (*extremely experimental* see below   for details)

- Graphics rendering code rewritten (performance gain)

- Turning controls now fully analogue

- 3 alternate controller configurations added (Legacy, Southpaw, and Legacy Southpaw)

- Now detects controller in the lowest numbered port

- Setup menu added to launcher for resolution mode and other settings

- Start map can be changed for mods

- Updated launcher with graphics, sound effects and new options

- Xbox save games with title and save images added (saves from older versions should   transfer automatically)

- Freezing issues should be fixed

- Fixed weapon cycling order bug

- Fixed map panning controls

- Fixed consecutive WAD loading bug

- '.'s in startup text now display correctly

- In-game menu bug fixed (Quit Game showing twice)

- Other small bugfixes

NOTE: Remember that the System Link feature is still very much a work-in-progress so it may not work 100% correctly 
100% of the time. Thus far it has only been tested on a LAN with 2 Xboxes though up to 4 should work fine. 
Detailed and constructive feedback on this feature would be appreciated.