HME Resurrected       (First Alpha Release)
October 22nd, 2004
by jimmsta ([email protected])



Hello there! This is the first release of HME_Resurrected! It supports everything listed below, and less!
If you have any problems, please contact me. If you have any suggestions, contact me!!!

(Email addy is above)

++ Supports CE maps
+ Correctly identifies most maps by "Halo Platform" identification
+ Spits out useful debug info about maps
+ Spits out the same info that HHTv5 spits out.

-Does not decompress xbox maps correctly. This should be fixed soon... I think I broke it, anyway.
-Does not extract map resources (like previous year-old releases)

What this release is useful for: Collecting data about map files. That, and finding the magic number for CE maps... (If you know it, plz email me....


11/07/2003 EVENING
* Compressing of cache files should be fixed
* Standalone & Small
* More descriptive console help.

11/07/2003 EARLY MORNING
* First HME-only release in 2+ months
* Small Size
* Same features as the version included in WinHME OpenSource Beta 1
* For Advanced users ;)

Ah, a small release at last... Hope everyone that just wanted the console app like this. I'll be releasing a linux-console version later on too. (To please everyone in the community). Hope everyone reads the console help!

Instructions are found in the console's help -- "halomapexpander ?" 

Iron_Forge - For the Halo PC sound code changes.
PfhorSlayer - For HaloMapExpander, and the entire project.
N-  - for being there and adapting HME for PC maps.

Thank you all for all your work. 

And of course, everyone else who I didn't mention, thanks. You know who you are ;)