VXCR's developement was halted for a while because I was busy
with other projects.  But those have finally come to an end and
I have had more free time lately.  Anyway last friday I decided 
to look around the XS Forums to see whats going on here.  I saw 
that alot of people wanted the VXCR project to resume, well since
I didnt have anything better todo last weekend I looked at it and
rewrote the functions, so they'd work better.  Well today I got done 
rewritting these functions so I tested it; worked great!

I created two new SoundTracks (ATB No Silence, Dream Dance Vol 32 CD 1)
The ATB Soundtrack has 13 Songs and the Dream Dance Vol 32 CD1 Soundtrack
has 20 Tracks in it.  The Xbox Played both of them without glitch. :)

This copy still does have some features missing like the Delete Track/Soundtrack
but first of all I would like to see if the st.db handler is really working 100%
(I think so). 

If you guys find any bugs and or have any suggestions goto the
intradream forums.  There will be a special section just for VXCR.


[DOWNLOAD] http://www.intradream.com/downloads/vxcr/VXCR_101904.zip
[FORUMS] http://www.intradream.com/forums