Team Xecuter presents FLASH-X v1.0

+ Bonus X2 Pro PC Flashing app for raw DOS

With Flash-X you can now select which bank you wish to flash whether its 256k, 
512k or 1MB. Gone are the days of a bad flash, now you simply program 256k or 
512k at a time.

Installers who like to hot swap and flash their X2's will be pleased to hear that 
the machine does not reboot once you have flashed - so you can simply flash / 
hotswap / flash / hotswap much faster than when the xbox rebooted each time you 

You can select bios's stored on C D & E drives

Compatible with Xecuter2 Lite, Xecuter2 Lite + and Xecuter 2 PRO.

Support is also added for Xecuter3 - however there will also be a new version that 
will have so much more to play with ;)

This program may or may not work with other chips - we haven't tested so you may do 
so at your own risk. Of course we will be working on more versions and there will be 
support for all types of flash rom as well as options for backing up per bank and 
MD5 support.

Of course you can also run this from CDR / CDRW / DVDR without having EvoX installed
and still flash your bios with no problems - again great for installers in a hurry.

You can also expect this app to be fully integrated into the Avalaunch dashboard 
in the next few days - and also hopefully neXgen (when I get my hands on our main 
coder who currently spends too much time in a bar heh)

The bonus X2 PRO DOS app is basically a dos only version of X2 BIOS Manager

You can also flash per bank as well as tell it which bios to boot from !

The usefulness of this app is that it will be great for those who have problems 
setting up your windows LPT when flashing the X2 PRO. Now you simply set your LPT 
port to 378 EPP / ECP on your PC motherboard, make a DOS boot disc and program away ! 
I hope this is useful to many - i'm sure someone will make a great boot disc menu / 
batch file etc - too tired tonight didn't have any time :)



Flash-X v1.0:
- First Release


Other News

We have redesigned X2 LITE, X2 LITE PLUS & X2 PRO. They now all have hyper blue LED's
for coolness and also to show power to the mod is working through LPC. Also they all
have new external switches which can be placed to the from of the XBOX and will have 
an LED to show mod enable / disable. This includes the PRO which still has the LPT port
at the back but is now seperate from the switches - so its now possible to have a full 
functional mod without having the FCC cable or LPT port connected at all times (it can
be used as normal connected of course). Also the X2 LITE PLUS is now v1.2 compatible 
also. The design changes are soley to finish the X2 line. The changes are the results
of much user input from you guys. These will be on sale sometime in May at your usual
stockist. We now feel that the mod is as good as its going to get with its current
technology - its now time to move onto the next chapter in the Xecuter story ........


Official Website:

Official IRC Channel: #xbins on efnet

Official Support Partners:

Please report bugs / suggestions on Xecuter Forums -



This piece of software will most likely destroy your XBOX if you don't now what you 
are doing! We will not be held responsible for any damage or screw ups. 


Thanks to all ops and staff in #xbins and for their support

Special thanks to The Joker of Team Avalaunch and also to MomDad.

Xecuter2 Hardware is now on sale at all good stockist's


Team Xecuter