About Surreal64_FDB
This is a modified version (FDB = freakdave's birthday release) of Surreal64 v1.0.
It lets you change the flicker filter value of Surreal64,e.g. turning the flicker filter off results
in a ultrasharp and crisp picture.
Blurryness is no more :-)

* Added: you now have the possibility to change the flicker filter via a separate config file.

* Full sourcecode is included

How to use
The value given in 'flicker.cfg' adjusts the aggressiveness of the flicker filter.
It must be between 0 and 5. Setting the value to zero turns the flicker filter off.
Setting it to 5 turns on the maximum level of filtering. 
By default, the flicker filter is off and is set at level 0.
You may want to try out level 1,as it is my favorite value.

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