MooGUI v1.1.0  for  XDVDFS Maker v2.0x

What is MooGUI?
MooGUI v1.1.0 is a batch file creator for use with XDVDFS Tools for
those of us that are keyboard challenged. XDVDFS Tools is command line
driven and has no GUI, anytime you want to use it you have to launch up
a command window (DOS window) and type all the parameters it needs. I
hated DOS, hence I hate the command line, but I do like what XDVDFS Tools
does. Bring forth MooGUI.

What MooGUI Does Do:
* Creates a batch file for use with XDVDFS Tools to create an optimized ISO file.
* Allows you to edit a layout file.
* Allows you to apply different optimization methods to layout files.
* Verifies layout file integrity.

What MooGUI Does NOT Do:
* Does not create an ISO, XDVDFS Tools does that using MooGUI's batch file.
* Does not burn ISO images.
* Does not transfer game files from your Xbox.
* Does not transfer layout files from your Xbox.

The basis of MooGUI was to create a simple interface for XDVDFS Tools, but since
its v1.0b bug plagued conception it has grown to accomodate the user. It is no
longer just "simple", though it does have a wizard driven interface for the new user.

Feature List:
* Layout editor with 3 different modes, Layout editor, move first, and remove mode.
* Apply type 1 or 2 layer optimizations.
* Customizable scripts for repetitive layout editing.
* Import ACL file EP commands.
* Wizard driven interface for ISO creation.
* Customizable media patcher for those of you using old bioses.
* Build a layout from files on PC, useful for homebrew apps and games.
* Extract ISOs
* Highly configurable, even supports the 'Message Box Popup Act' of 1995.
* Provides extensive checks against game files and layout structure.
* Layout file association, open a layout file to the main menu or the editor.

New for v1.1.0
* Added Wizard driven interface for ISO creation.