README for Mono XBGM# For GTK# (xbgmsharp)

XBGM# is a GUI tool to Manage Xbox Game from Avalaunch
Dashboard that runs with Mono and GTK#.

It is written in C.Net (C#) using a GTK# interface

Mono can be found at
GTK# can be found at

Read INSTALL.TXT on how to install xbgmsharp.

Using XBGM# For GTK#

Once you started XBGM#, 

check if you would like XBGM# to show icons.

In order to configure XBGM# you need to click on the Configuration iCon on the Top Tollbar

A configuration Dialog will appear.

Enter the information need to make the connection.

Click OK.

Then You can (get) connect to your xbox by clicking on "Scan Titles" the refresh icon.

A few secondes later you will see the list of your games.

Then select one and you can launch delete and rename the selected game and more

All files will be saved on local path of the xbgmsharp binary.

Note: Please feedback!