Version 0.6

 UI updated.
 Allows custom sizes for partitions 6-14.
 Function to distribute space equally among enabled partitions.
 Enabled partition table writing on version 2 LBA48 patch.
 Drawing code updated.
Version 0.5

 Added drive formatting toggle (thanks to h3inrich for help).
 Big warning before formatting.
 No longer uses font files (thanks to h3inrich for making me do that =).
 No longer needs to reboot after changing partitions.

Version 0.4

 Only adds display of the LBA48 version. I know that's a minor change
 for an update, but if anyone reports a problem getting it to work this info
 will be important.

This is a fairly ugly and clunky hard disk partitioner. It's just a beginning.
Right now there are only four partition setup options, but eventually we hope to
have totally customizable partitions.


 - Doesn't support unallocated space between partitions.
 - Doesn't allow changing of partition's start address.
 - Partitions must be created in order.
 - Only allows editing of extended partitions.
 - Only space above the standard partitions is allocatable
   (as per above limitation).


 A = No LBA48 partitions
 B = F gets remainder, no G
 X = F up to 137GB, G gets the remainder
 Y = F & G split remainder
 White = toggle partition formatting
 Black = erase partition table
 R-Thumb = enable\disable current partition
 L-Thumb = distribute allocated space among partitions
 Start = write partition table to disk
 Back = help
 When a new partition is enabled all remaining space will be allocated to that
 Pressing the left thumb button will equally distribute the currently allocted
 space among all enabled extended partititions when the current partition is
 If the current partition is not enabled when the left thumb button is pressed
 then it will be enabled and all allocatble space will be equally distributed
 among all extended partitions.

XBpartitioner should run under most any BIOS, but it only supports those with
LBA48 code which follows Paul Bartholomew's standard (introduced with the
original LBA48 patches used by XBtool). LBA48 patch version 2 is supported, but
it is recommended that you update to version 3 if you are using a patched

The LBA48 info checking code in XBpartitioner is mostly copied from a post made
by Paul on xbox-scene.com.

Feel free to beautify this thing if you have DX skills!