Team Xecuter Presents

FlashBIOS v2.6
13th August 2004

FlashBIOS v2.6 is a customized version of the Cromwell bios for distribution with the Xecuter2 modchip, 
it has been changed to incorporate a modchip flashing feature that requires a CD with BIOS.BIN to be inserted 
in the XBOX's DVD-ROM drive. Once a CD is inserted into the drive the bios looks for a BIOS.BIN file and if it 
is found it will flash this onto the modchip (provided it has flash support in the bios for the modchip type).

We have also included an erase / programming progress bar for you to monitor the success of the flashing.

The BIOS is packed as 512k for those that follow our optimal CDRW/DVD install tutorial - although it is a 2x256k image.

Please leave all feedback on our forums

v2.6 Update
Updated Cromwell from v2.3.2
HDTV / Svideo Support for Conexant / Focus (v1.0 - v1.5)
Composite video support for Xcalibur (v1.6)
New Unlock / Lock HDD feature - works on v1.0 - v1.6
New Load Bios from HDD feature

v2.28 Update
Now has limited Focus Video support (640 x 480 - Standard AV Pack)

v2.27 Update

Fixed many bugs due to the bios hanging
Fixed overheating issues
Faster flashing process
Works on v1.0 to v1.5 (no video as yet on v1.4+)


The use of FlashBIOS (Cromwell) to flash your modchip is entirely your responsibility, any misuse of the 
flashing feature could result in your console being left inoperable and will require your modchip to be flashed 
with an external programmer.

The flashing feature of FlashBIOS (Cromwell) has been tested with all the devices listed below.
Please read all instructions fully before attempting to use this feature.

- The bios supports the following flash roms  

	0x01 0xd5 AMD - Am29F080B (XECUTER2)

 How to use FlashBIOS

Complete instructions are at

 Trouble shooting

If you get FRAG (Flashing Red And Green) The mod is not installed correctly or the BIOS is not flashed correctly.

If you get Bios not found you have burned the CD incorrectly or your DVD ROM does not like your media (Memorex blows)

If it seems to flash ok but the Cromwell is still on your mod then use a different media

If you get Unknown Flash! Halting the chip is write protected. Remove the jumper / disable the switch.
If disabling the switch still doesnt work - simple power up to flashbios with the switch plugged in 
then unplug the entire switch from the Xecuter 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3 / 2.6 and try the disc again.

 Recommemded Media

 More Information

Our message forums are at


XBOX Linux Team for Cromwell which FlashBIOS is based on.


The entire Xbox Community. Also to our freinds and associates, you know who you are.

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