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KernelBasher 1.0 

O.k launch kernelbasher and open the bios you wish to edit. 4981,4983 & M7 are supported in this release, might work with other bioses, might not. Select Patch to save, outputted bios is called bashed.bin.


 - RGB Sliders
 - Improved xfile & bios validation
 - Random Camera Animation
 - Lots of X files to play with

Camera notes.

- Just have a play

In the main folder the is a directory called xfiles you can select one of these files as a replacement for the xbox text. If you do not wish to use this feature ensure the XBOX LOGO Text check box is unticked. - Full Credits to Klutsh + The_Lynx for original xbtc See xbox text tutorial.pdf for full detail on usage & creating your own xfiles for use with KernelBasher.
Btw its a known issue that if you select your x file after the bios it will save the bashed.bin in with the x file and not the original bios.

Any Comments/bugs/Ideas to [email protected]

Shouts to various people for help, including Angelfly,NghtShd, Yoshihiro, Paul Bartholomew and a special thanks to Mterlouw hope you enjoy his rgb & randcam patches. Oh and thanks to all the people who submitted x files to the site and cheers to for supplying us with our SmartXX development chips.