Version 0.4 only adds display of the LBA48 version. I know that's a minor change
for an update, but if anyone reports a problem getting it to work this info will
be important.

The font file "arial18normal.bmf" must be in the same folder as the app.

This is a fairly ugly and clunky hard disk partitioner. It's just a beginning.
Right now there are only four partition setup options, but eventually we hope to
have totally customizable partitions.

XBpartitioner should run under most any BIOS, but it only supports those with
LBA48 code which follows Paul Bartholomew's standard (introduced with the
original LBA48 patches used by XBtool). Unfortunately, I broke something when I
made some changes to Paul's code. It's nothing dangerous, it just means you'll
need to update your BIOS using the new XBtool or EVtool in order to be able to
write a partition table to your drive. The tables themselves are fine, so you
don't need to worry about older LBA48 code after you've written your partition
table. This bug only affects the partitioning app.

The app checks the code version and refuses to write to the disk if the LBA48
code isn't version 3 or later. In the case of X-ecuter's LBA48, they chose not to
support some of Paul's LBA48 features, so X2 BIOSes other than those patched to
support LBA48 by XBtool are not supported and the partitioner will not write a
table when running under those apps.

The LBA48 info checking code in XBpartitioner is mostly copied from a post made
by Paul on xbox-scene.com.

Feel free to beautify this thing if you have DX skills!