FTT - Flubber Text Tool 1.0


Launch FTT.exe Select open and choose the bios you wish to edit, then select the options you want for your bios and select Save. The new modded bios file is called flubbered.bin and is situated in the folder of the original bios.Note, dont use flubbertool on a outputted flubbered.bin bios from FlubberTextTool

Camera position notes

1 - Default
2 - start a little low, slowly move up, drift right, pull out
4 - Drunken
5 - Low, close to the bottom, pull out and pan up
6 - Rotate Left
7 - Spin to left, near

In the main folder the is a directory called xfiles you can select one of these files as a replacement for the xbox text. If you do not wish to use this feature ensure the XBOX LOGO Text check box is unticked. - Full Credits to Kraven_uk + The_Lynx for original xbtc See tutorial.doc for full detail on usage & creating your own xfiles for use with FTT.

Report any bugs to [email protected]
Supports All Xecuter X2 bioses, EvoxM7(M8 coming very soon!) and All Guex.net Bioses

Shouts to various people for help, including Angelfly,NghtShd, Yoshihiro, Paul Bartholomew 
Our team consists of Kraven_uk, Hyper_star(aka clogicgmather) & ThE_LyNX.