XboX HD Maker V1.8

Changes :

- Updated the "Sha1 Middle Message" hack from the linux cromwell
  source. The old code did not decrypt some eeprom correctly,
  meaning wrong HDD keys/password in some rare cases. 
  This seems fixed now.

- Wrapped locking/unlocking tools in scripts to easily choose
  the password input :

    Unlock a Xbox HDD

    Usage:  unlockhd [-a] [-p] [-f] 
            -a  Automatically get password from Eeprom
            -p  Type in password on commandline
            -f  Get password from file only containing the password

- When building a HD from scratch the tool will now look for an F-folder
  on the xboxhdm CD and add files and folders from this to the F-partition
  on the drive.

- Default mode of xbrowser is still to start up with the xboxhdm Cd
  on one panel and the primary master xbox HD on the other panel.
  Adding a flag (xbrower -HD), xbrowser will search for another xbox
  HD on Secondary Master and start the filemanager with both the HD's
  shown, if found.
  This should allow easy HD to HD copy.