Extracts, Compiles, and Patches Evox M8 XBOX BIOS/Kernel Files. Only for M8
ROM files which have been pre-patched for LBA48 and IGR.

See about box for thank-yous (and if I left you out please let me know).

                            !!!!! WARNING !!!!!

Use the correct M8 version for your Xbox! M8 is for Xbox hardware versions
1.0-1.5. M8_16 is for version 1.6. If you use the pack function choose the
corect base ROM file.


LBA48 and IGR Notes

Please give all credit for the LBA48 stuff to oz_paulb. He's done what many
said couldn't be done. See the documentation for more details on the LBA48 and
partition options. Also check http://forums.xbox-scene.com/ for help.

The IGR code was devised by dootdoo. I only added an option for a more
compatible reset method patched the code into M8.



Documentation will be sparse until I get time to work on it.

When packing you will be asked to chose a base ROM file before being asked the
name to save the file as. This is normal (at least for now). You should choose
either an M8 or M8_16 file.

This version only works with modified M8 ROM files which are pre-patched for
LBA48 and IGR. You will have to look for these in the usual palaces. Future
versions may handle non-pre-patched M8 files.

You can change the LBA48 partition handling, you just can't turn LBA48 off.
(This should not cause a problem if you are using the original drive or one
which is smaller than 137GB.)

Quick IGR is quicker.

More compatible IGR is... more compatible. E.g. Soul Caliber 2 locks with the
quick IGR (and X2's, I'm told) except at the menus. This mode shouldn't cause




 Fixed TM patch.

 Statically linked XBpatch (XBpatch.dll no longer needed).
 Removed unused toggles and rearranged dialog.
 Internal code cleanup.


 Pack/Unpack function cleanup.
 Other internal changes.


 Initial release.