A while ago there was a set of tools called
         xdvdfs_tools released onto the scene which gave XBOX owners
         the ability to make backups of their original games but keep
         the layout of the files on the backup exactly the same as on
         the original. This in theory should have provided users with
         the fastest loading backups possible. However, although the
         idea was a brilliant one, there were certain flaws in the
         logic of the implementation along with 1 major bug.

         The main flaw in the logic was that it didnt take into account
         the fact that we are going from a dual layer XBOX disc to a
         single layer DVD-R and therefore it was giving more importance
         to layer 1 files where, in actual fact, layer 0 files were
         the most important.

         Myself, Vood, Xeero, Ncasebee & Devenic all discussed this in
         great length and came up with a strategy that should work.

         You can either use CloneXB v2.3 (Beta) to try this out or you
         can also use this new v2.0 set of xdvdfs_tools which I have
         modified and also, as part of that set, I have created a brand
         new layout dumping tool which runs on the XBOX to create a new
         format of layout file that contains enough information for any
         developer wishing to take advantage of the tool to create faster
         loading backups using their own ISO tools. This new dumper has
         a GUI, lets you dump mutliple titles in one session, and returns
         back to the Dash when done. The old one just dumped and crashed.

	 Anyone wanting to know about the in and outs of why or how this
         new method of creating backups works please read this thread :-


         The aim is that once people are happy with these tools and methods
         they will use the new XBOX LayoutDumper v1.0 to dump all their
         original titles to a layout file which can then be submitted to
         an online repository for other people to use and look at.