CloneXB v2.3 (Beta)

Fill in the settings. Click start and it will copy whatever DVD Disc you have
in the XBOX and produce a true GDF ISO Image on your local PC Hard Drive and
burn it to a blank DVD/CD. It has burning support, automatically removes the media
check from all files and its very easy to use, especially for noobs.

- Modded XBOX connected to your PC over Ethernet
- Evox or other FTP server running and working on your XBOX


- v2.3 (Beta) (19th July 2004)

   NOTE: This is a beta release which I am putting out to test before
         I go on holiday. A while ago there was a set of tools called
         xdvdfs_tools released onto the scene which gave XBOX owners
         the ability to make backups of their original games but keep
         the layout of the files on the backup exactly the same as on
         the original. This in theory should have provided users with
         the fastest loading backups possible. However, although the
         idea was a brilliant one, there were certain flaws in the
         logic of the implementation along with 1 major bug.

         The main flaw in the logic was that it didnt take into account
         the fact that we are going from a dual layer XBOX disc to a
         single layer DVD-R and therefore it was giving more importance
         to layer 1 files where, in actual fact, layer 0 files were
         the most important.

         Myself, Vood, Xeero, Ncasebee & Devenic all discussed this in
         great length and came up with a strategy that should work.

         You can either use CloneXB v2.3 (Beta) to try this out or you
         can also use the new v2.0 set of xdvdfs_tools which I have
         modified and also, as part of that set, I have created a brand
         new layout dumping tool which runs on the XBOX to create a new
         format of layout file that contains enough information for any
         developer wishing to take advantage of the tool to create faster
         loading backups using their own ISO tools. This new dumper has
         a GUI, lets you dump mutliple titles in one session, and returns
         back to the Dash when done. The old one just dumped and crashed.

	 Anyone wanting to know about the in and outs of why or how this
         new method of creating backups works please read this thread :-

         The aim is that once people are happy with these tools and methods
         they will use the new XBOX LayoutDumper v1.0 to dump all their
         original titles to a layout file which can then be submitted to
         an online repository for other people to use and look at.

   ++ Improved the DVD/CD Writer detection routines so that more
      or less any writer should be automatically detected in XP.

   ++ Updated Burning Engine (DVDDecrypter) to v3.2.3.0

   ++ Fixed the Optimization stuff from the 2.2 release as it was
      fatally flawed as it was based on xdvdfs_maker/dumper. I
      have now fixed those tools aswell and added some new
      optimization options such as :-

         > Ability to preview / edit a layout before its
           applied to an ISO.

         > Can select an Optimization scheme or 1 or 2
           with 1 being the default that we all should

	> Ability to generate a layout file from scratch
          when creating an ISO from a directoiry of files
          on your HD. You can then edit the layout before
          the ISO gets created.

- v2.2 (15th June 2004)

   ++ Added the ability to keep the optimized layout of the files
      from your original XBOX disc when creating a copy from it.
      This should ensure the best possible loading times for your
      copies. It can be used when :-

       > Copying an original disc or copied disc from the
         XBOX via FTP.
       > Copying a copied disc from your local PC DVD/CD
         ROM drive.
       > Using the 'Rebuild Existing ISO tool'.

      A SUPER FAST LOADING VERSION. If the source disc you are
      copying from is not an original or was not created using
      CloneXB or a combination of XDVDFS_Dumper and XDVDFS_Maker
      then this will only keep the non-optimized layout of your
      source disc or ISO. Also whatever FTP server you use on
      your XBOX must support the EXECUTE command (Evox does) for
      this option to work. To enable this option just check the
      'Optimize Layout' box.

   ++ Added PASV mode support for FTP connection to your XBOX.
      This can sometimes help when trying to connect through a
      firewall. The FTP server you are using on your XBOX must
      support PASV aswell for this to have any effect. Check
      the 'PASV' box to enable this option.

   ++ Added burning support for 'Memup IDE1008' DVD writer.


- v2.1 (4th June 2004)

   ++ Updated built in buring engine (DVDDecrypter) to version which has quite a few bug fixes in it.

   ++ Improved the GUI look, feel and useability.

   ++ Added a new toolbar with the following tools on it :-

       > 'Rebuild Existing ISO'
       > 'Create ISO From Directory'
       > 'Burn Existing ISO'
       > 'Remove Media Check'

   ++ Added cool new progress bars.

   ++ Added time remaining display to cool new progress bars.

   ++ Added the ablity to copy an XBOX disc using your PC only.
      This will only work when copying from a DVD-R/+R disc and
      will not work with original XBOX discs as a PC DVD drive
      cant read them. So basically you can copy an already copied
      XBOX disc using just your PC DVD-ROM and PC DVD Burner without
      the need to use the XBOX to read the disc.

   ++ Added burning support for the following burners :-

       > 'Mitsubishi Diamond Data DVDXRW424'
       > 'LG GSA-4040B'
       > 'LG GMA-4020B'
       > 'Teac CD-W54E USB'
       > 'Toshiba SD-R5112'

   ++ Added display of the disc size in MegaBytes during copying.

   ++ Added a standard system minimize button to the dialog so you
      can minimize CloneXB while its copying so you can carry on
      doing other things.

      I finally got around to implementing proper threading so now
      you can dare to touch your PC and do other things while CloneXB
      is doing its thing. This has been a big problem for everyone
      since the 1st version of CloneXB.

   -- Fixed the 'Keep Temp Files' option so that when its not selected
      temp files do actually get deleted.

- v2.0

   -> The media check flag is now removed from all .xbe files
      during the copy process, not just the default.xbe

   -> Fully integrated burning engine so you no longer need
      to use another program to burn your xISO's. Just select
      your destination burner, tick the 'Burn Image' box and
      it will do it all for you. (Thanks Lightning UK)

   -> No longer need GDFImage.exe as there is now an internal
      xISO creation engine which is also faster than GDFImage
      and has a little impressive feature which I will make
      use of in the next version.

   -> Finally got around to adding an online help system.

   -> Just bought my 1st XBOX, it's amazing how I even got to
      v1.1 without even owning one.

   -> Added tooltips to all the dialog controls.

   -> Fixed a bug where CloneXb would report that an image was
      too big to fit on a DVD when in fact it wasn't.

- v1.1

   -> The media check that is present on all recent game
      releases is now automatically removed whether it's
      the longer version or the more recent shorter version
      of the check.

   -> Nice new InstallShield installer for this release.

- v1.0

   -> Now automatically supports & detects XbFileZilla & Evox

   -> Fixed deletion of temp files.

   -> Fixed reporting of recommended destination media type.

   -> Can handle game which dont have the game name embedded
      in the default.xbe file. Calls your mystery image
      'No Name XBOX Disc.ISO'

- v0.2 (Xtreme beta)

   -> You can now choose whether you want to keep the files
      which make up the Image.

   -> Now informs you of which media types the copy will fit
      on i.e. CD or DVD (this may not work properly).

   -> New progress indicator just to let you know something
      is actually happening when the image is being created.

   -> Finally... It now actually works ! The first release
      didnt work at all.

- v0.1 ((Xtreme beta)

   -> NON, I'm a new born.

Known Issues
- You may get errors regarding missing DLL's
- CloneXB may freeze if you attempt to do other stuff
  while its doing its thing.

Future Features
- Optimized file placement for faster loading times of your copies.
- Read & backup already copied XBOX discs directly on your PC without
  the need to use your XBOX.

DO NOT... Email me about how to connect your XBOX to your PC or where to obtain
          GDFImage.exe because you will get no response.

DO ...... Email me with suggestions and feedback on bugs etc. Please bear in mind the
          intended purpose of the program when making suggestions.

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