PGR2editor V0.1 Readme:

Your pgr2 game must be on the harddrive to changes values!
Warning: if you have downloadable cars on your hdd, you'll probably have to edit the cars.ini again

This is the first Version of pgr2editor with the basic functions to change and edit Project Gotham Racing 2.  This is my first
program so it could be a little buggy but there will be updates.  These updates will contain bugfixes and more stuff like
downloading ini's directly from my website or switching ini's from cars.  These functions couldn't be in this version 
because i'm living on a long deserved vacation and I can't leave you all waiting.  So here it is, enjoy.


The media folder contains a Cars.Ini and a CarColours.Ini.  Copy(!) these files to your frontend folder of pgr2 on your
harddrive.  Open path.ini in a texteditor and follow the instructions.  It needs your pgr2 game's path.



Back: Go back to dashboard
Start: start pgr2
Left thumbstick: browse values and change them.
Right thumbstick: browse trough different sections (up/down).
Ltrigger: slow things down (not always)
Rtrigger: speed things up (not always)
Y button: Restore to defaults (you need the pgr2 disc in the dvd drive)

Startup section:

A:select/deselect (you need to select the value to be able to change it)

Colours section:

X:new colour
B:delete colour

Cars.Ini (3th) section:


My xbox is flashing orange and green (not quite sure, i'm colourblind :D)
 - Restore the things you changed


Coding:Roadkill3r AKA webscripter AKA Laurens VD
Gfx: Some site ;)
C++ and XDK support: War3z
            and the people from #xfactordev
Moneyman for newsgroup: Junior
XDK supplier: d3fault_dot_xbe
Testing: Junior and Whicked
and all the others i forgot to mention.