**This version supports booting ALL current OS/CS CFW, Linux chainloading and payload tools.**
**No more SD card removals**

New in this hotfix version
- **Support "*" folder wildcard in kip1 key**
  Using `<folder>/*` can now parse and load all kip and kip1 files inside that folder.
- **Add option to enable/disable Auto HOS power off**
  If you don't use a modchip/dongle you may find this feature annoying. Options->Auto HOS power off to disable.
- **Allow canceling of the verification process**
  Now you can cancel backup and verification process. If backup phase is done, canceling in verification, will keep your files.
- Some small bugfixes and support certain cfw on its stock version

**NOTE:** Everything hekate related, moved to *bootloader* folder.
Check readme.md for more.