# Version 2.3.0 - hbmenu for all!
"This sounds really ambitious"

## Changelog
- Switched to Atmosphere master b/c it added hbloader support based on rajnx~
- Removed git as a dependency because of the above, everything except building is **pure Go** now!
- Probably some more changes I forgot

## You will need to delete your existing installation if you are just replacing the binary for this release!

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## Installation Instructions
### Windows
1. Grab the latest version of [devkitPro](https://github.com/devkitPro/installer/releases/latest) and make sure **Switch Development** is selected.
2. Launch the program and follow the instructions!

### Linux
1. Install [dkp-pacman](https://github.com/devkitpro/pacman/releases/latest) and ``build-essential`` (name dependent on distro)
2. Launch the program and follow the instructions!

## Thanks to...
- SciresM
- CTCaer
- Team ReSwitched
- Switchbrew
- yellows8
- tomGER
- Bernardo Giordano
- wrathsoffire76
- rajkosto
- Adubbz
- jakibaki
- Sagacity159
- parkerlreed