**This version supports booting ALL current OS/CS CFW, Linux chainloading and payload tools.**
**No more SD card removals**

New in this version
- **Full 6.0.0 support**
  Secmon/ kernel patches, FS patches, sleep mode, hw config, etc.
- **Improved .ini/payload handling**
  hekate_ipl.ini is no longer required and hekate does not hang on empty folders.
- **PWM backlight**
  You can now change the backlight brightness.
- **Auto full power off when the device woke up from HOS' power off**
  Usefull with modchips/dongles when using AutoRCM. (You can see it as a breathing backlight with hekate's logo).
- **Backup can be now cancelled** when in the writing process (white bar), by pressing VOL UP + DOWN.
- Self update chainloading properly checks for version number now to avoid uneeded loads.
- Support payloads with broken/bad hw init...
- Added ipatches info and dumping of patched/unpatched bootrom and ipatches
- Corrected some hw config changes found in 5.x-6.0.0
- More boot reasons and bootrom registers restores to normal
- It now properly restores BCT on dev units from where it's supposed to.
- Added warning message when the bootloader library for sleep mode is missing.
- And many many bugfixes

Everything hekate related, moved to bootloader folder.
Check readme.md for more.