Finally after almost a month there's a new version of EdiZon. Version 1.5.0 brings you batch backups and a lot more! Special thanks to @trueicecold for implementing most of these features!

# Full changelog
- You can now backup all saves of a single game or the saves of all games and users at once from the title select screen. Thanks to @trueicecold for this feature
- Added editable-only mode which hides all games except the ones you can edit using the builtin save editor. Again thanks to @trueicecold for this.
- Added scrolling multipliers to the value widgets. Like that you can scroll in steps of 1, 10, 100, 1000 and 10000.
- Added a step size setting to the configs that acts as a multiplier for the multipliers.
- From now on ALL configs get shown immediately without the need to approve them first. However, they get overlayed with a big "BETA" label so you can see that they might not work yet.
- Added support for shared fonts. This makes the whole UI a lot prettier and makes the .nro a bit smaller. Thanks to @AnalogMan151
- Updated Lua to the latest version 5.3.5
- Cleaned up the entire UI
- Fixed a lot of lag everywhere
- Fixed issues with huge save files causing Lua to fail
- Fixed issue with the latest libnx
- Refactored and cleaned up a lot of code and got rid of many many memory leaks
- Fixed equations. They should work A LOT better now

Also, as you might have noticed, @thomasnet-mc has left the project since he hasn't worked on it a lot anymore lately and moved on to different things. Thanks a lot to you though for everything you did to the project! <3